Selections from Jeanie's Poetry Book Love In The World I Remember


You haven't really lived life
Until you find peace.
Peace comes
like little children's footsteps.

Peace is that quiet moment
When you know
God is with you
And you feel his presence.

Peace is not worrying
About all the earthly problems in life
And allowing yourself to be whole.


Rain away reality
Rain away the tears
Make our lives as miracles
May we live a hundred years.

God bless all His children
The large ones and the small
What about the parents?
Are they just left to fall?

Happy are the days of joy
We share with those we love
Sorrow comes in many ways
To those we're fondest of.

Rain away the solemn hours
Smile away the tears
Keep the joy of living and
Grant peace to them that hears


Be still,

catch the moments

They all slip away

Listen to the waves

And enjoy for today

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